Masquelier’s OPCs and OOM PAH PAH OPC

Masquelier’s OPCs and OOM PAH PAH OPC
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You know what’s OOM PAH PAH OPC ? That’s grape seed extract labelled as “OPC.” It has no genuine provenance other than the loud and wild promotion made for it. Don’t buy the promotion. Don’t buy the OPC, unless the supplier can document and show that its “OPC” was used in clinical research and produced the claimed benefits.

When all OPCs were Masquelier’s OPCs

In 1990 when Dr. Masquelier and I began our collaboration to protect his scientific legacy and the integrity of his OPCs, all OPCs available on the market were Masquelier’s OPCs. All clinical research had been performed with his OPCs. Fast forward 28 years and I can tell you that things have changed. Not for the better. I hear a lot of OOM PAH PAH for “OPC” products that lack definition and scientific substantiation.

When buying OPCs, don’t take chances

Anyone claiming that “OPC” does this or that, is misleading you. Anyone claiming that his “OPC” product contains this or that percentage of OPC is misleading you. Anyone throwing a Certificate of Analysis at you without also substantiating and demonstrating that the health benefits of this “certified” “OPC” are based on compound specific clinical research is trying to sell you benefits that may or may not be true. Don’t take the chance.

What is compound-specific research?

Professor Dr. Jack Masquelier discovered how to isolate OPCs from plant materials. When meticulously applied, his extraction methods produce very specific OPCs compounds. One such extract is made from the bark of the French Maritime pine bark, the other from carefully selected seeds of Vitis vinifera grapes. These compounds have been used in compound-specific clinical research. Compound-specific research means that the researched compound was superbly analyzed and authenticated, to the point where consumers can trust that all batches of that compund will be identical to the one actually used in the research. Only such OPCs will steadily produce the proven benefits.

Masquelier’s OPCs since the 1950s

Also, for the scientific teams that performed and still perform the numerous clinical trials and biological tests with Masquelier’s OPCs, it was and still is imperative that they all can be certain that the compound they’re testing is the same. This is the only way to produce a coherent body of knowledge about … in this case … the health benefits of Masquelier’s OPCs. This is why, since the 1950s, Masquelier’s OPCs have been used in clinical trials and biological tests in an unwavering quality that was defined by Masquelier and his scientific colleagues, so that his characterisation of his OPCs compounds would be the fixed quality standard for their contract-manufacturer (Berkem SA) and worldwide distributor (International Nutrition Company / INC).

OPCs, Dr. Jack Masquelier’s Mark on Health

So, if you’re interested in compound-specific health benefits of OPCs, you should read my book about Masquelier’s OPCs. And then, as my good colleague and author Anne Simons suggests in her new book Frauen leben länger mit OPC, when you decide for Masquelier’s OPCs, you should look for products that bear the Seal of Authenticity that contains the good professor’s name & signature & picture.