VW, Mercedes, BMW, OPCs and Emissions

VW, Mercedes, BMW, OPCs and Emissions
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Are you concerned that traffic emissions significantly increase the risk of ill health and cancer? So are VW, Mercedes, BMW and most other car-makers. Germany is “up in arms” because its car-makers, in an effort to assess this risk, had diesel exhaust tests carried out on both monkeys and humans.

We covered this issue in considerable detail in our recent blog headed ‘Driving A Truck Through Free Radicals’.

As the blog explained, toxic nanoparticles contained in auto emissions generate free radicals in your body. In the long run, those free radicals can lead to serious health issues including cardiovascular disorders, heart disease, stroke, cancer, rheumatism, diabetes, hepatitis. allergies, and high blood pressure, immune deficiency, and exhaustion.

The good news is that Masquelier’s OPCs are proven to act as an antioxidant with the power to take-on and eliminate free radicals. So, since many of us living in urban or industrial areas are willy-nilly participants in the day-to-day “testing” of exhaust emissions, it’s good to know that we can reduce the damage caused by auto emissions by taking a daily dose of Masquelier’s OPCs.