London to Perth direct. Pack sunscreen, shorts and Masquelier’s OPCs.

London to Perth direct
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This weekend, Quantas began operatinge its direct flights between London and Perth. Lasting 17 hours and covering over 9.000 miles (14,498 km), it is the first regular passenger service to directly link Australia and Europe.

But if you book a ticket, we recommend that you take supplements containing Masquelier’s OPCs before and during the journey. That’s because sitting stationary in a plane for hours can harm your vascular function. Due to the lack of muscle contraction and movement, blood no longer flows back towards the heart when you sit still for long periods. Instead, saturated with waste products and CO2, the blood stagnates in the circulatory function. Thus pressure builds up in the lower limbs, causing leakage in the tissues. The results include swollen ankles and feet and, often, varicose veins.

Planes, trains and automobiles

Of course, it’s not only on a plane to Perth that you might find yourself sitting stationary for hours on end. It can happen to anyone who travels by car or train – especially when there are long traffic jams or delays. Thus sales people or truck drivers, for instance, should maintain the integrity of their capillaries through a combination of Masquelier’s OPCs and the correct diet.

The same applies if you sit at a desk all day. We all know that we should try to get up and walk around every 20 minutes or so. But that isn’t always possible and OPCs can play a key role in preventing the health problems arising from sedentary work.