Follow Dr. Jack Masquelier online

Follow Dr. Jack Masquelier online
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De Facto Publications decided to release a series of short video clips presenting selected parts of the only filmed interview ever given by Dr. Jack Masquelier, the French scientist who succeeded in succesfully isolating OPCs. That exclusive interview took place in 1994, when Bert Schwitters and Masquelier spoke at length about his OPCs, their numerous health benefits and their unique place in the field of botanical preparations. The interview also became an integral part of the book OPCs, Dr. Jack Masquelier’s Mark on Health.

OPCs - uniquely relevant for human health

Masquelier’s scientific work was seminal in the early development of two areas of science: phytochemistry and human health. Finding that the nomenclature used in the fields of phytochemistry and botany could easily lead to confusion and imprecision when applied in the field of dietary and pharmaceutical products, Masquelier, together with his lifetime friend and colleague Dr. Jean Michaud, focused on, and succeeded in the characterisation of OPCs-based products in conformity with nutritional and pharmaceutical standards.

Cardiovascular and degenerative diseases

All of Dr. Masquelier’s discoveries have greatly influenced human health worldwide. They have gained great significance in this era when life expectancy has increased while accompanied by an equally dramatic increase in cardiovascular and other degenerative diseases. His products have grown in relevance in a world that has fundamentally changed since their discovery.

The growing interest for the book OPCs, Dr. Jack Masquelier's Mark on Health called for producing a series of video clips that present the essential parts of the historic 1994 interview, so that the world can meet Dr. Jack Masquelier online.