10.001 steps to good health

10.001 steps to good health
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Many health and fitness experts suggest that we should all try to take 10,000 steps every day in order to stay healthy. As someone who loved to wander the beaches of south-west France, Jack Masquelier would certainly have encouraged us to walk as often as possible, perhaps measuring our steps with a pedometer. But at the same time there is one extra – and very important – step you can take each day if you want to enjoy a good health as you age.

A giant step towards a healthier old age

That step is to take Masqueliers OPCs every day as the ideal accompaniment to, and enabler of, an active lifestyle. As high performance botanical nutrients, OPCs support many functions in the human body, primarily by optimizing the circulatory system and maintaining cardiovascular health as you age.

Thus OPCs can help you to achieve a virtuous loop by enhancing your ability to exercise when all the evidence shows that the benefits of daily walking are considerable. Walking (or cycling, swimming or running) reduces blood pressure and the risk of strokes, and improves your sleep patterns. It also lifts your mood and, of course, you will burn calories and fat while enjoying an extra dose of vitamin D if the sun is shining.

Benefits for the seriously sporty

Meanwhile, there is evidence to suggest that OPCs are also of benefit if you play sports more seriously, especially if you have an injury. Most sports injuries result in edema that usually involves ripped capillaries, the result of torn muscles, sprains, fractures, twisting, and whiplash injuries. OPCs repair damaged blood vessels as well as all structures containing collagen, including bones, skin, tendons, sinews, cartilage, and connective tissue.

Indeed, in 1983 a French study analyzed the use of OPCs by injured soccer players, along with a control group that didn’t take OPCs. At the end of the trial, edema appeared to a lesser extent in the OPCs group than in the control group that didn’t receive OPCs. In some cases, the edema disappeared. The researchers also concluded that the overall physical condition of the OPCs group was better than that of the non-OPCs group.

Even if you’re a serious sportsperson who is fully fit, OPCs can help you to reduce your recovery time after competition or training. OPCs won’t help you to perform better, but they will help you to perform at your best more often.

Put a spring in your step

So now that spring is here, we suggest you get out there and do as much exercise as possible. You’ll enjoy it and you know that it’s good for you. And don’t forget to optimize the experience with a daily dose of Masqueliers OPCs.