Here comes the sun. And those pesky free radicals

Here comes the sun.              And those pesky free radicals
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Most of us like to get a tan at this time of the year. But we all know that lying in the sun for long periods isn’t particularly good for us. So it’s important to know that although Masqueliers OPCs cannot act as a sun block, they can capture the free radicals that are created when the sunlight’s photons penetrate the skin. And that’s essential, because free radicals can lead to the skin cancer that affects many Caucasians in countries such as Australia.

Sunshine is in fact the incoming flow of photons. They are beneficial in the sense that we need them to produce vitamin D. However, when solar photons hit the skin they produce free radicals. Normally, the skin’s scavenging systems deal with these free radicals. But when these systems are overburdened, exhausted or depleted due to overexposure, an excess of untrapped radicals creates sunburn and damage. 

Thus, an overload of solar radiation can cause inflammation, collagen destruction, and acceleration of the skin’s aging process.

A number of tests have shown that creams and lotions containing Masqueliers OPCs have an anti-oxidant effect that boosts the scavenging system that acts to inhibit the premature aging of skin and the potential for skin cancer.
Read about the tests in chapter 21 of the book Dr Jack Masquelier’s Mark On Health

Getting under the skin of free radicals

The skin has two major layers – the external epidermis and the inner dermis or corium. The surface of the epidermis is made up of non-living cells that act as a defence for the body. But the dermis consists of connective tissue and contains blood vessels, hair follicles and nerves. This is the part of the skin that is particularly sensitive to radiation (sunburn), heat (burn) and chemical influences (allergic reactions). And this is where Masqueliers OPCs do their work, scavenging free radicals that are formed in the dermis when they are applied internally as a food supplement, or externally in the form of a cream or lotion. In this way, Masquelier’s OPCs allow the sun to boost your vitamin D production while mitigating the negative effects by scavenging the free radicals.