Avoiding vitamin D-Deficiency. It’s as easy as OPCs

Avoiding vitamin D-Deficiency. It’s as easy as OPCs
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Most of us know that vitamin D is essential to health, and only produced naturally when our skin is exposed to sunlight. Yet we have come to believe that by exposing our skin to the sun we run the risk of progressive skin damage (at best) or melanomas (at worst). Is it possible to overcome this contradiction? Yes, with Masqueliers OPCs that regenerate and protect  your skin as you get the vitamin D you need.

Vitamin D has a huge influence on health. Receptors that respond to vitamin D have been found in almost every type of human cell, and it is involved in a wide range of repair, maintenance, and immune functions. Moreover, a 2015 study linked D-Deficiency to an increased risk of microvascular and macrovascular complications in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. And supplementation with vitamin D3 reduced all-cause mortality by 11%.

As we age we need that vitamin D more than ever. And adults older than 70 need almost three times the duration of sun exposure to produce the same amount of vitamin D as a child. It is also important to know that vitamin D produced naturally by the sun is much more effective than vitamin D supplements, which can confuse vital biologic processes.

Get the vitamin D you need, without the skin damage you don’t need 

Despite this, we are constantly told to avoid the sun at all costs, and to wear sunblock before venturing outside. Of course, if you are sitting in the sun for long periods you should apply sunscreen. However, for regular or normal exposure (even in hot countries), all the evidence suggests that it is more important to get that valuable, health-giving vitamin D than it is to block the sun’s rays.

Even better, you can get that vitamin D and still prevent skin damage caused by oxidative stress and daily UV exposure. That’s because OPCs in creams and lotions applied to the skin will scavenge the free radicals that are formed in the dermis following sun exposure.

So, don’t worry about getting out of the house and into the sun – because you really, really need that vitamin D, and with Masquelier’s OPCs you can still keep your skin healthy and whole.