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Masqueliers OPCs: Driving a truck through free radicals

Air pollution – often caused by traffic – generates the free radicals that do so much to cause ill health and cancer. The good news is that Masqueliers OPCs are proven to eradicate free radicals and put you on the road to a longer and healthier life.

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Dreaming of a red Christmas? OPCs and the Rebound Effect

As you may know, there is evidence to suggest a link between the consumption of red wine and cardiovascular health. This link is known as the ‘French paradox’ in which there is a broadly positive relationship between wine-drinking regions and life span.

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Do you eat the same lunch every day? A survey conducted in the UK in 2017 revealed that one in six people sit down (often at their desk) to the same sandwich or salad every day. And it’s not just lunch, because 58% of people said they had eaten identical meals on a regular basis for years.