Edema after Facelift
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Edema bothers not only bruised soccer players but also people who have undergone a facelift. “If you want to be beautiful, you must suffer,” certainly applies during the aftermath of a facelift, which produces edema in practically all cases. The sooner one eliminates the edema, the better. To see if OPCs could be of help, 16 of 32 patients who were to have facelifts began taking a daily dosage of 300 mg OPCs five days before the operation. After the operation, they continued taking the same dosage for another six days. The other 16 patients did not take OPCs. The facelifts were performed by the same surgeon, using the same surgical technique and the same kind of anesthesia. For each patient, researchers counted the number of days from the operation to the complete disappearance of the edema. The average number of days in the OPCs group was 11.4. It took the other 16 patients 15.8 days to fully recover from the edema. A difference of 4.4 days in this situation means a great deal to surgeon and patients.

(Effet de l’Endotélon dans les oedèmes post-chirurgicaux. Résultats d’une étude en double aveugle contre placebo sur trente-deux patientes. J. Baruch. Ann Chir Plast Esthét. 1984 - vol XXIX - no 4.)